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2023 CALENDAR "Clippers at War"

2023 CALENDAR "Clippers at War"

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Our 2023 signature calendar showcases twelve illustrations focusing on Pan American’s manifold accomplishments and contributions to America’s 20th Century wars and defense efforts.

The Pan American Airways Clippers faced war some time before the American nation went to war. By 1937 the war in Asia with Imperial Japan swallowing large chunks of China reached the stage where Shanghai was invaded by Japanese forces. Shanghai was Pan American’s subsidiary CNAC’s headquarters which they had to quickly abandon. As the attacks continued, CNAC aircraft were fired upon, and their airports bombed. In 1940 the U.S. government, fearing the possibility of war, asked Pan American to build and or refurbish airports in South America, the West Indies, the Panama Canal Zone, Canada, and Alaska. Sixty airports were built or revitalized. 

In 1941 the British government asked Pan American to establish full air service in ‘free’ Africa to supply and support British troops and civilians in that war-torn continent. Pan American went on to create its Africa/Orient Division which would eventually include 1200 skilled workers, including pilots for its 30 aircraft and some 15,000 unskilled local workers. Pan American Africa/Orient Division also included Pan American Air Ferries which flew several hundred aircraft from factories in America to the British forces in Africa.

By the final month in 1941, America was at war and the Clippers were ready to serve. In fact, Pan American’s role in supporting the U.S. war effort was by far the largest of any airline company that served in that conflict.

• Pan American flew and maintained Navy flying boats operating over both oceans. 

• Pan American training schools in Miami trained hundreds of navigators, pilots and mechanics using the airline’s veteran flying boats as classrooms. 

• Pan American flew for three years a fleet of C-54 four-engine transports daily from Miami, Florida to India supplying far eastern U.S. forces. 

• Pan American’s CNAC in Asia flew 35,000 crossings of the Himalayan mountains from India to China.

• Pan American’s unique four-engine long-range Boeing Clipper flying boats conducted special missions throughout the war. These missions included flying President Franklin Roosevelt to Africa to meet with Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the victorious Allied troops in 1943.

20% discount on orders of 4 or more calendars to one address!

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